दुमका के पर्यटन स्थल (Tourist Places in Dumka)

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Dumka is the administrative centre of the Dumka district and the Santhal Pargana area in the Indian state of Jharkhand. After the Santal Hool of 1855, it became the seat of the Santhal Pargana area, which was created out of the Bhagalpur and Birbhum districts. Dumka is known as the Tribal Land. It is the headquarters of Jharkhand’s Santhal Pargana division and one of the state’s oldest districts. The city is packed with mesmerizing beauty all throughout. Massive mountains, beautiful scenery, tranquil rivers, and expanses of greenery in the valleys offer a visual feast.

Baba Basukinath Dham

Baba Basukinath Dham is one the most revered Shiva Mandir in Eastern India with people from various states visiting it throughout the year. However, peak period of visit is during Shrawan month which falls in July or August as per English calendar. During each Monday’s of Shrawan month, more than one lakh devotees throng this temple town to pay obeisance to Lord Mahadev…!!

Baba Basukinath Temple

There are two main mandirs of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and in addition to that you have all other major Hindu deities for worship inside the Mandir compound. There is a big pond which is called Shivaganga and on the both sides of its approach path you can find flower shops and Prasad vendors. All the puja related materials are available within the Mandir campus and no need to bring something from outside the Main gate of Mandir.

How to worship:

Once you are inside, you can choose Pandits as per your choice and pocket or directly go and visit the Lord Shiva temple. Other facilities available here will to do Abhishekam, Hawan and Mahaaarti etc. basis one likes or need. Pandit charges are reasonable and it’s always better to bargain and fix amount beforehand for Puja and other things.

Best time to visit this temple town will vary from person to person but someone like me would avoid the crowded Sharwan month but some highly faithful this is the time to visit. Climate wise, best time to visit this temple town is between November to March when weather is cold or mild.

How to reach Basukinath: Although it is connected with Rail network directly but you have limted trains to reach Basukinath Rly station. Jasidih(50 Kms approx) and Asansol(100 Kms) are major Railway junctions which are almost 2 hours journey by Road but well connected. From Jasidih/Baidyanathdham town, one can also find regular bus services which will cost Rs. 50-60. Private hire cab from Jasidih Station to Basukinath will vary from Rs.800 to Rs.2000 depending upon the type, facility and bargaining power of customers. Best time for Road Travel is from 5 a.m in the morning to 8pm in the night however the road is safe otherwise also. Nearest Airports are Kolkotta, Patna and Ranchi and all of them are equal distance in terms of time taken but for Ranchi you have direct rail connectivity from either side in the evening time.
Accommodation availability: For overnight stay, you can small hotels or dharamsala within reasonable price but with very limited facilities. Better to plan stay in Baidyanathdham/Deoghar main temple town situated 50 Kms from Basukinath and just have day visit plan.

Small Note: Those people who visit the more famous and bigger Lord Shiva Jyotirlinga temple at Baba Baidyanathdham(Deoghar District), 35% of such visitors also visit Baba Basukinath dham in Jarmundi Block, District Dumka, Jharkhand.

Massanjore Dam

Massanjore dam, is being made by the aid of Canada so it is also known as Canada Dam.It is made across the Mayurakshi River in Dumka about 31 kms away from Dumka town.The place is just amazing.The broad river,mountains gives its identity everywhere .At night,the total ambiance changes.rock climbing or swimming is pretty much enjoying. One can enjoy swimming here. Nice place for family and friends to stay and enjoy the nature.

Massanjore Dam

The dam is very large and awfully beautiful but neglected by the local government and very small infrastructure is available to enjoy the nature, one of the most beautiful rest house of the local government is lacking basic minimum infrastructure and people those who are willing to stay at the Mayurakshi Bhavan of govt of West Bengal guest houses has to book from Kolkata, it’s situated on the hill top and is spacious and well maintained, the quality and the quantity of food as well as the price is less expensive. Over all its a great value for money.

Terracotta Temples of Maluti

Maluti village is near Shikaripara .previously known as Mallahati, about 18 km away from Rampurhat, Birbhum. but it is in Jharkand state. now we can see the ruins of 72 temples of various Hindu deities.

The terracotta temples in the village Maluti are built in four groups and they are dated between 17th and 19th centuries.the beauty of the temples are clearly visible on the temple aesthetics.
renovation job of some temple is going on.

Terracotta Temples of Maluti

Sadhak bama khapa (bamacharan chottopadhya) was related to Mauliksha Devi temple in Maluti. Mauliksha Devi temple is very famous here.

Very good calm & quite historical place. If you desire to stay here it will be better to talk over telephone with temple committee, till date there is only two accommodation available one at Lodge run by Temple Committee and other run by Jharkhand Govt. accommodation is very limited number and modern amenities not available here. Choice of food is as per availability. Winter is the best time to visit. Local people is very cordial.

Shiv Pahar Temple

It is the very famous place of Dumka.As the name depicts the temple of Shiva is situated at the top of the Pahar so the Pahar is known as Shiv Pahar.There are various temples situated here.Among local people it is very sacred place.A fair is also organized at Shivratri here.

Shiv Pahar Temple

Other Tourist spots

  • Chutonath – It is situated 20 km from the district headquarters. Chutonath is a religious place of Hindu god Lord Chutonath. This festival is celebrated mainly in the month of April. This area has become a tourist attraction.
  • Dharmasthan – It is temple situated in Tin bazaar at the heart of Dumka Town, it is known for the Goddess Kali, during the Durga puja 7 days special puja is organised here.

Natural places

  • Kurwa park (Shrishti Pahar) – It is a small picnic spot about 5 km to the east of Dumka. It has a park, facilities for boating and a small hill. A temple is also situated here.
  • Martello Tower Pakur
  • Siddhu-Kanhu Park Pakur

How to Reach

By Air

Buses are the predominant method of transportation, and they are operated by both government and commercial companies.

By Bus

With buses, Dumka is well connected to its neighbouring districts. Between Dumka-Ranchi and Kolkata, there is a luxurious night bus service.

By Rail

Dumka is also connected by train to nearby cities such as Deoghar, Bhagalpur (Bihar), and Rampurhat (West Bengal). Ranchi, the state capital, is also connected to Dumka through a railway line.