पी के दास ड्रिफ्टवुड संग्रहालय एवं उद्यान, भागलपुर (P K Das Driftwood Museum and Park) – Bhagalpur

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Das Driftwood Museum and Park is a popular site for both local and tourists in the city of Bhagalpur. The place is renowned for its huge collection of artwork and natural beauty.

Das Driftwood Museum and Park, Bhagalpur

Das Driftwood Museum and Park is a unique site combining human craft and natural beauty. It is situated in the heart of the Vikaramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary, Asia’s only sanctuary for Dolphins. Its unique location on the only island in the Ganga River makes Das Driftwood one of its kinds in the country. Das Driftwood Park showcases driftwood art on the banks of the mighty River Ganga and is said to be the only true Driftwood Park in the whole world. It houses 3-16 feet high spectacular driftwood art and sculptures, which were discovered and collected with great determination and struggle by Mr Prantosh Kumar Das, an I. P. S Officer with a passion for driftwood art.

Das Driftwood Museum and Park, Bhagalpur

Mr P. K. Das says it took him over 20 years to discover this huge collection of wooden art. Das Driftwood Park also consists of the Das Driftwood Museum which showcases around 80+ pieces of driftwood art. It also houses the first driftwood art discovered by Mr Das- a spectacular 2. 5x2x2 feet elephant head. It was discovered by Mr Das in a waterfall at a place known as Dirdah inside the dense forest area in Jamui District of Bihar.

Das Driftwood Museum and Park, Bhagalpur

Das Driftwood Museum and Park is a place with colourful art and a picturesque view of the Ganga River, making it a memorable piece of land. It has pieces of art collected from all over the world including the life-size replica of the world famous ‘CAIRN COLUMN’ crafted by artist David Nash in London. Various entertaining events like Magic shows and dance shows are organised in the Park. The park also consists of seating swings for children and couple hangout places. A nice restaurant inside the complex offers delicious food. It is an ideal place for all ages and is equipped to fulfil every visitor’s needs.

Das Driftwood Museum and Park, Bhagalpur

Das Driftwood Museum and Park is the perfect destination for every person having affection for nature and art.

How To Reach There
Located at Darabpur, it is situated at a distance of a mere 3. 6 km from Bhagalpur and can be reached in just 20 mins via GN Mukherjee Marg by a personal vehicle.

Best Time To Visit

Timing: 7. 00 AM – 9. 00 PM on all days of the week.
The entry fee to the park is INR 20 per person. Best time to visit the Das Driftwood Museum and Park is in the evening to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset over the Ganga River.

Visitors ideally spend 3-4 hours in this beautiful piece of land observing the fine art, taking in natural beauty and clicking uncountable pictures in the backdrop of the Ganga River.