अकबरी मस्जिद, राजमहल (Akbari Masjid) – Rajmahal

Quite close to the Sanghi Dalan is the Akbari Mosque, built in 1556, it is one of the oldest mosque of India built during Akbar period. It is believed that first namaz was offered here by Great Mughal Emperor Akbar himself. It is a well maintained mosque where many muslims come to offer namaz.

Akbari Masjid, Rajmahal

This mosque is completely made up of Bricks by using lime and surkhi. This huge mosque is a representation of Mughal era architecture and the impact of the Indian blend in Mughal art. Windows are said to have been added later to the mosque’s Mihrabs, to create a British dispensary inside the mosque. The dispensary operated till 1912, after which the mosque was restored to its original architectural shape.

The road from Rajmahal through Bhagalpur and Sahibgunj, runs westward from the Akbari mosque and offers many interesting places worth seeing.

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