इंडपें गढ़, जमुई (Indpe Garh / Indapaigarh) – Jamui

This is supposed to be the capital of the last local king of Pala dynasty, Indradyumna of 12th century. It was earlier known as Indraprastha.Today only the low brick foundations of buildings survive above ground . About a dozen sculptures, mostly dating to about the seventh century have been found at this place such as  Standing Buddha image (61 x 28 cm, ), Standing Buddha torso(66 X 28 cm ), Stone stupa with seated Buddha(H. 61cm, diameter 30.5 cm ), Seated Buddha image(45.5X26.5 cm), Seated Buddha image(50.5 x 30.5 cm ), Seated Buddha image(30.5×23 cm ), Torso of seated Buddha image(40.5 x 39.5 cm number), Four-sided relief with Buddha images(26.5X23 cm ), Terracotta head (H. 11.5 cm. unnumbered),Pedestal of standingfigure(30.5×57 cm), Bhairava image(56 x 28 cm ) all these are kept in the Jamui Museum.

Buchanan-Hamilton visited the site in 1811.  He took it to be a fort, in keeping with local tradition.&nbs…

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