चंपानगरी की राजकुमारी चंदनबाला (Chandanbala, Princess of Champanagari)

Vasumati was the princess of Champanagari. She was clever, learned and possessed many an art and abilities along with being devout and virtuous. Her father, a great king, was powerful but a peace loving-person. Even he was not spared [clears throat] by the onslaught of war in which he was killed, and Vasumati, a child barely 12 years old, and her mother were taken captive by the enemy. Her mother sacrificed her life to save her own honor. Little Vasumati had faith in God and prayed for protection. Seeing the dead mother and a very young girl at hand, the hostile's evil intentions got watered down. He thought of selling this small girl as a slave in the market. Being young and beautiful, he was sure to get a good price. He put her up for sale in the town market and found many bidders. How fate brought down a princess to the level of being sold as slave! But, as luck would have it, Dhanavarshi Seth, a wealthy businessman, happened to pass by. He saw the girl and at once realized …
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बिहुला और चंदू सौदागर (Bihula and Chandu Saudagar)

Manasa Debi was a mind-born daughter31 of Siva. She was born of Siva’s semen left on a chikanipata32. She is known as Bisahari33 and said to have extraordinary supernatural power to bless her devotees. She can also ruin and kill those who do not believe in her existence and offer their prayer to her. There was a very rich ship merchant, named Chanrakar. He was also known to the people as Chandu Saudagar34. He was a great devotee of Siva. He had six sons and a happy family. He did not consider Manasa as a Goddess. Manasa Debi did not like this attitude of Chandu Saudagar and killed all his six sons by sending black snakes. However Chandu Saudagar did not relent. One day pleased with the devotion of Chandu Siva appeared in his dream and expressed his willingness to bless him with some great things as per the desire of Chandu. Chandu Saudagar asked him for a son. Siva agreed to bless him with a son but put a condition before him. “ If you want to have a son who will have long …
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