कर्ण – अंग के असली नायक (Karna – The real hero of Anga)

On Diwali, gamblers take the "auspicious" name of Yudhisthir before starting the game. How this patron of gamblers who told lies throughout his life has come to be known a s dharmaraj (Protector of religion) and how Karna, who did not even hesitate to give away his life in charity has been deprived of honour, are questions requiring careful consideration. Ironically, historians, writers of Purans and great poets have ignored Karna, who imbued the nation with enthusiasm, strength, self - respect and love for truth, and have established Yudhisthir as a pillar of the nation by showering upon him epithets like Dharmaputra (Son of Religion) and Dharmaraj (Ruler of Religion). Our ancient guides inadvertently, if not deliberately, declared as ideal men certain persons whose charachters were no better than a false weight or measure. Yudhisthir is one of them. Poets Exalted the Honest People In the begining of Hindu culture, poets exaplted the honest people. The portrayls of Harish …
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तिलका मांझी – स्वतंत्रता सेनानी (Tilka Manjhi – The Freedom Fighter)

Baba Tilka Majhi was first Santal leader who took up the arms and raised his voice against English fought with them in the 1789's, around 100 years before Mangal Pandey. He drove a mortal arrow into Cleveland, the British Commissioner who had made a great name for himself by pacifying the region. The arrow killed Cleveland. The British surrounded the Tilapore forest from which he operated but he and his men held the enemy at bay for several weeks. When he was finally caught in 1784, he was tied to the tail of a horse and dragged all the way to the collector's residence at Bhagalpur. There, his lacerated body was hung from a Banyan tree. A statue to the heroic leader was erected at the spot after independence. 1780-85 - Tilka Manjhi led the tribal revolt and managed to injure British army chief 1785 - Tilka Manjhi hanged to death in Bhagalpur Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University  
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