राष्ट्रकवि रामधारी सिंह दिनकर के आवास, बेगूसराय एवं भागलपुर (Residences of Rashtra Kavi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar) – Begusarai & Bhagalpur

Introduction & History

Dinkar ji is the most popular and read poet of Hindi. He was born on 23 September 1908 in a small village called Simaria of Begusarai district, Bihar. When he was 3 years old, his father passed away. Childhood was spent in deprivation. 

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हरसाइन स्तूप / सिन-चे मंदिर, बेगूसराय (Harsain Stupa/Sin-Che Temple) – Begusarai

Contents & images credits: http://silentpagesindia.blogspot.com/2020/08/ancient-remains-at-jaimanglagarh.html

Way to the top of main Harsain Stupa, near Jaimanglagarh, Begusarai

The remains of the Harsain stupa is in the form of an elevated mound, at a distance on the borders of the kabar lake, Begusarai. Aapart from Harsain, at least three another mounds were also located within the periphery of 2 km. Having yielded NBP potsherds, indicating an antiquity prior to 200 BC, the Harsain Stupa looked very interesting from a distance.

Harsain Stupa complex consisting of four stupas with the largest being in the centre and other equidistant smaller ones in three directions, one each in the west, north and south. Only one smaller southern stupa seemed to be intact due to thick vegetation cover and the main stupa was seen to have been almost cut to half by locals probably looking for constructional landfilling. It could be seen from the remains…

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साई मंदिर, बेगूसराय (Sai Temple) – Begusarai

Sai Temple - Begusarai

Sai Mandir is situated in Lakho area of Begusarai. Every year lakhs of people visit this temple. Sadguru Sai Baba Foundation is the adminstrative organisation of Sadguru Sai Baba Mandir, Begusarai. They are inclined towards serving the people and working towards their development.

Sai Temple - Begusarai

From 2013, the work started towards the construction of the temple. After five years of work and devotion, the temple was opened for Bhakths on 23rd November 2018.

The Daan for the temple is used in helping the needy by providing them with free health care. Currently the foundation is working on establishing Scholarship program for Students who struggle to afford good Education. They believe in the power of one. Sai is for everyone and everyone is for Sai.

With their devotees' support, they strive to build a place where only humanity matters. A place where there is no judgement on the basis of people's cast or religi…

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बेगूसराय संग्रहालय (Begusarai Museum) – Begusarai

Begusarai Museum

Established in the year 1981, this government museum houses physical evidences that witnessed the rich cultural history of Begusarai. Stone sculptures of Lord Buddha, Lord Ganesh, Sun God and Lord Vishnu etc. can be seen here. Coins, ranging from the period of Pal rule, Mauryan Rule to the end of British Era in India are treasured in the museum.

Other attractions include manuscripts, terracotta and pottery specimens. Art objects are collected from all around the town, though the centuries.

Begusarai Museum

This is the most important place in the city, where you will get to see many important things related to history. Through this museum, you can understand many important aspects of Bihar and ancient India.


This museum is open from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm. But it is closed on Mondays.

Idol of lord Ganesha at Begusarai Museum
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सिमरिआ घाट धाम, बेगूसराय (Simaria Ghat Dham) – Begusarai

Simaria Ghat, Begusarai

Simaria is a village in India along the Ganges river in Begusarai district bihar. It is in Bihar and near Barauni. Thousands of pilgrims gather at Simaria Ghat every year to take a holy dip in Ganga on the occasion of Kartik Purnima.

It is near Barauni. Hindi poet Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar' was born on 23 September 1908 in Simaria village, then part of Bengal Presidency, British India, now in Begusarai District.

Simaria is a famous Ganga Ghat from time immemorial. Ardh Kumbh Mela has also been held here.

We know Simaria Dham as Kalpwas Mela. It is believed that since the time of King Videha, the tradition of Kalpwas fair is going on, on the banks of river Ganga in Simaria. In spite of the changing environment since then, in the month of Karthik, people of Kalpa make a quarry on a pile of sand and consume the same to Ganges for a month.

Simaria Ghat, Begusarai

Nearby local people come here to take …

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अजातशत्रु का किला, बेगूसराय (Ajatshatru Fort) – Begusarai

Ajatshatru Fort, Begusarai

Ajatshatru fort is a major tourist attraction in suburb Begusarai. It was built in the 6th century by the king of Magadha, Ajatshatru. The son of King Bimbisar and Queen Chelna, he was known as the most feared and powerful king to ever rule over Magadha.

Traditions in Jain and Buddhist differ a little in small details, but he was a follower of both traditions. He ruled over majority of Northern India and he was the one who built Pataliputra, now known as Patna, the capital of the state. He has eight wives, according to Jain legends. He is known to die in 461 BC. The fort is an important defending fortress and is now mostly in ruins. It is of high historical importance.

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बरौनी रिफाइनरी, बेगूसराय (IOCL, Barauni Refinery) – Begusarai

Barauni Refinery in the Begusarai District of the state of Bihar in India was the dream project of Shrikrishna Sinha the first chief minister of Bihar.

HistoryBarauni RefineryThe second refinery of the country, Barauni Refinery, in the Bihar state of India, was built in collaboration with the Soviet Union at a cost of Rs. 49.4 crores and went on stream in July, 1964. It is situated 125 kilometres (78 mi) from Patna and was commissioned with a refining capacity of 1 million metric tonnes per annum (MMTPA) to process Assam (Naharkatiya) crude oil. The refinery was dedicated to the Nation by the then Union Minister for Petroleum, Prof. Humayun Kabir on 15th January 1965.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Barauni, Begusarai

The initial capacity of 1 million tonnes per year was expanded to 3 million tonnes per year by 1969. The present capacity of this refinery is 6.100 million tonnes per year. Indian Oil Corporation has planned to expand its cap…

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राजेंद्र सेतु मोकामा, बेगूसराय (Rajendra Bridge Mokama) – Begusarai

Rajendra Setu, Mokama, Begusarai

Rajendra Setu, or Simaria Bridge, is a bridge across the Ganges that was the first to link the northern and southern portions of the state of Bihar. The location of the bridge was based on the work of M. Visvesvaraya, who was more than 90 years old at the time. In a wheelchair, he visited the bridge site on the special request of Bihar's chief minister, Shri Krishna Sinha. It was the first bridge over the Ganges to be built in independent India (after 1947).

The road-cum-rail bridge near Hathidah in Patna district and Simaria in Begusarai district was inaugurated in 1959 by Jawaharlal Nehru, prime minister of India, and Shri Krishna Sinha. The bridge was constructed by Braithwaite, Burn & Jessop Construction Company. It is about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) long and carries a two-lane road and a single-line railway track.

Rajendra Bridge, Mokama - Begusarai

A new bridge, carrying the four-lane NH 31 and double-track ra…

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नौलखा मंदिर, बेगूसराय (Naulakha Temple) – Begusarai

The Naulakha Temple is located in the Begusarai area of Bishanpur. It was erected in 1953 by the saint Mahavir Das.

This old-aged Temple is decorated with outstanding works of art and carving on its walls. The word "Naulakha" means "Nine Lakhs" in English. This is the excessive cost of construction of the Temple. 

It is believed that in the Temple, Mahant Deer Das had worked in the seventeenth century. In the year 1952, Mahath Mahavir Das tried to undertake ventures to restore and improve the Temple. Divinity is decorated with shiny gems and head gears, and equipped with fine clothes.

Many devotees comes in search of approval and appeal to God for their fate and long life here.

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जयमंगला गढ़, बेगूसराय (Jaimangala Garh) – Begusarai

Jaimangalagarh (जयमंगला गढ़) is a major tourist destination and bird sanctuary of Bihar. It is surrounded by Kabar Lake , where every year lakhs of birds come from all over the country and abroad. There is a famous temple of Mata Jayamangala here. Also known as Monkey Island as there are many monkeys found on this island.


It is believed that this was the stronghold of King Jaimangal. At present, research on its historicity is going on. The site, is clearly quite ancient since even without proper excavations, it has yielded artefacts dating back to the 5th century B.C. 

Tourist Places

The temple of Jayamangala Mata "Salt Satyagraha Path" is located about one kilometer away from the main road. Situated about 22 kms from Begusarai atop a mound on the edge of the Kabar lake, considered as one of the largest freshwater oxbow lakes in Asia, the ancient temple, with present structure dating b…

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काबर झील/कंवर झील पक्षी अभ्यारण्य, बेगुसराय (Kabar Lake / Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary) – Begusarai

Kabar Lake or Kabar Taal or Kanwar Taal Bird Sanctuary at Begusarai is a " dream spot".  It is Asia's largest freshwater oxbow lake. It is approximately three times the size of the Bharatpur Sanctuary. The lake is home to 106 species of resident birds and around 60 migratory birds coming all the way from Central Asia during winter months.

Ornithologist Salim Ali, mentioned about 60 migratory birds that come all the way from Central Asia in winter and recorded around 106 species of resident birds.

Location : 20 kms from Begusarai townBest Time to Visit : October and JuneSpeciality : Resident Birds and Migratory BirdsArea: 6311.63 HectareEstablished: Tuesday 20th June 1989Nearest Bus stop :Jaimanglagadh

Kabar Taal, a 6311.63-hectare Lake is ecologically one of the most important wetlands in the state and is considered one of South Asia's largest freshwater lakes. The lake hosts 106 species of resident birds and is a nesting ground for 57 species of migratory …

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बेगूसराय (Begusarai)

Begusarai city is a municipal corporation and a grain market in Begusarai district in the state of Bihar, India. Begusarai district is one of the thirty-eight districts of Bihar and Begusarai town is the administrative headquarters of this district.

The district lies on the northern bank of the Ganga River. It is located at latitudes 25.15N & 25.45N and longitudes 85.45E & 86.36E. Begusarai is the birthplace of famous Hindi poet Rashtrakavi Ramdhari Singh and eminent historian Professor Ram Saran Sharma. Begusarai had traditionally been a communist stronghold and was earlier also referred to as the Leningrad of Bihar


The name of the district apparently comes from "Begum" (queen) and "Sarai" (inn). The Begum of Bhagalpur used to visit "Simaria Ghat" (holy place on the banks of the Ganges) for a month of pilgrimage, which later took to the slang of Begusarai.

Begusarai was established in 1870 as a subdivision of Munger District. In 1972,…

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