राष्ट्रकवि रामधारी सिंह दिनकर के आवास, बेगूसराय एवं भागलपुर (Residences of Rashtra Kavi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar) – Begusarai & Bhagalpur

Introduction & History

Dinkar ji is the most popular and read poet of Hindi. He was born on 23 September 1908 in a small village called Simaria of Begusarai district, Bihar. When he was 3 years old, his father passed away. Childhood was spent in deprivation. 


Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s house, Simaria Begusarai

The daily recitation of Ramcharitmanas at home had sown the seeds of poetry and its understanding within him. He not only gave a new height to the poetry of Veer Ras in Hindi literature, but also awakened the national consciousness through his creations. It was his greatness to handle all three areas, serious subjects, good poems and popularity.


Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s house, Simaria Begusarai

Dinkar ji’s home, where he was born is in the village Simaria and that is where his great compositions were composed. The hall on which Dinkar ji wrote compositions like Rashmirathi, Kurukshetra, Parashuram ki Pratiksha, Urbashi, has become ruins today. The heritage of his memories is getting dilapidated. Even after thousands of announcements, Dinkar ji’s ancestral village Simaria has not become a literary pilgrimage site till date, nor has Dinkar University, for which so many student movements have taken place so far, has become possible.


Walls of Simaria houses are full of his poems

Such a great personality also had the opportunity to adorn the post of the 6th Vice Chancellor of Bhagalpur University. He was the Vice-Chancellor here from 10 January 1964 to 3 May 1965. During his time the university was run in the Sanskrit College. The witness of his memories is ‘Chitrashala’ in Khalifabagh, where he used to recite poetry. While being the Vice Chancellor, Rashtrakavi Dinkar’s residence was in Chhawni Kothi located in Bhagalpur Golaghat. Now it is in dilapidated condition too.


Residence of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar in Bhagalpur

The statue of the national poet is installed in the Hindi PG department of the Bhagalpur university. It was unveiled by Chancellor Vinod Chandra Pandey on 23 September 2001. Being an efficient administrator, he wanted to change the condition of the university. He wanted to set up the Gandhi Thought Department and Nehru Study Center there. Later Dr. Ramji Singh made his plan a reality by establishing the Gandhi Vichar Department. Nehru Study Center has not been established till date.

His works are equivalent to the world’s best litterateurs Shakespeare, Pushkin, Garcia and Paul Ilyar.

Every year hundreds of people visit his village to visit his birthplace. In such a situation, it becomes the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture to declare his house as a national heritage, so that it can be well preserved.

His compositions are so impressive that the reader becomes enamored with it. On the one hand, there is oozing quality in his poems, while in compositions like Urvashi, there is a predominance of makeup rasa. Dinkar was given the title of Rashtrakavi.


Bed on which Ramdhari Singh Dinkar used to sleep, Simaria Begusarai

His major poems include- Kurukshetra, Rashmirathi, Urvashi, Parshuram’s pledge and Delhi. Whereas his composition in prose four chapters of Indian culture is quite popular.

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