रत्नेश्वर नाथ धाम, गोड्डा (Ratneshwar Nath Dham) – Godda

Ratneshwar Nath Dham is situated near the picturesque bank of river Kajhiya situated in Shivpur Mohalla in the district headquarters. This Shiva temple is the center of faith of all the devotees of this region. Devotees come here throughout the year to seek their wishes. Devotees gather here in the month of Sawan.

Rathneshwar Nath Dham, Godda

On every Monday of Sawan, Kanwariyas perform Jalabhishek on foot from various ghats of river Ganga here. In the month of Saman, the temple and the surrounding area resonate with the songs of Bolbam, Har Har Mahadev and devotional songs.

Historical background:

According to the belief, the Shivling of Ratneshwar Nath Dham temple was established five hundred years ago by the Shivling Khoji group of sadhus.

It is said that earlier there used to be light of Nagmani in the temple premises. Shivling was obtained by excavating this place. Hence the name of this Dham was named as Ratneshw…

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सिंहेश्वरनाथ धाम व गुड़मेश्वर धाम, गोड्डा (Singheshwar Dham & Gudmeshwar Dham) – Godda

Singheshwar Nath Dham Mandir, Godda

Very ancient Singheshwar Nath Mahadev Temple is located in Podaihat, just eight km away from the block headquarter, near Podaihat - Hansdiha main road. A large number of devotees from far-flung areas pay their obeisance here.

Its importance increases due to its location at the confluence of three rivers. It is situated on the sangam of three rivers. The three rivers that meet her are Baghmati, Taramati and Triveni. The natural shade here is unique.

There is an ancient tradition of worshiping after marriage in this temple. Newly married couples reach here with successful married life and progeny. This tradition is four hundred years old.

Singheshwar Nath Dham Mandir, Godda

The history of the temple is very old. 443 years ago, King Bhimsen is said to have built Singheshwar Nath temple on Triveni bank. Which has historical evidence as well. There are many stories about the importance of Singhesh…

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मां सिंह वाहिनी मंदिर, गोड्डा (Ma Singhwahini Mandir) – Godda

Ma Singhwahini Mandir, Godda

Situated at the confluence of three rivers near Godda-Pakur main road, eight km away from the water headquarters, Singhwahini Dham is the center of faith.

Singhvahini Dham is situated at the confluence of Kajhia and Jatjori river near Jamni village. One has to cross a river to get there. This place is important from historical point of view.

There is an influx of devotees and devotees throughout the year. The people of this region start the new year with worship in the court of Maa Singhvahini.


In ancient times., on the banks of the river, there was strong hold of Maheshpur kingdom, ruled by King Padmasena. At some distance from there, a golden statue of Maa Singhwahini was installed at a very beautiful place in the deserted wilderness, where the king used to worship. At some distance from there, sage Jaimini used to offer worship in the hut of clumps. Maa Singhvahini was worshiped…

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दामाकोल झरना, गोड्डा (Damakol Waterfalls / Pratap Jharna / Ram Jharna) – Godda

Damakol Jharna, Godda

Just a short distance from Sundar Dam, is the Damakol waterfalls, which is in the wooded area of ​​Sundar Pahari.

This water fall is also known as Pratap Jharna and Ram Jharna. This is the very attractive waterfall in Jharkhand, which is located in Godda district.

This beautiful waterfall is visited by many people from nearby areas everyday Tourists who come to Godda from other cities also ensure to make a trip to this wonderful waterfall.

Damakoh Jharna / Pratap Jharna, Godda How to Reach

By Air : 

Ranchi Airport is the nearest airport to Godda at a distance of about 364 Km. Deoghar Airport also has become operational.

By Train : 

Godda is well connected with road and rail link. The Godda railway station is situated around 4 km from city center. Trains can also be taken in Bhagalpur, from where Godda can be easily reached.

Damakol Waterfalls, Godd…
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बायो डाइवर्सिटी पार्क, गोड्डा (Bio Diversity Park) – Godda

Bio Diversity Park, Godda

Bio-diversity park is located on Godda-Ramgarh main road, just five km away from the district headquarters. This park was completed about four years ago. This Biodiversity Park has been constructed on Dumka road of Sarkanda in Godda district of Jharkhand. Many types of flowers, plants, medicines and green grass have been decorated in this park.

Recently, CM Raghuvar Das has inaugurated this park online. People have also started coming to the park to enjoy nature. The picturesque views of the park are giving the message of nature protection to the people. At the same time, the Forest Department says that everyone needs to cooperate to keep the park beautiful.

It is designed for the students for research and travel. In this, many types of beautiful trees and plants have also been planted along with the means of entertainment. It can be enjoyed traveling with family and children.

How to Reach

By Air …

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सुन्दर डैम, गोड्डा (Sundar Dam) – Godda

Sundar Dam, Godda

Sundar dam is the biggest irrigatoinal project in this district constructed on Sundar river near village north-east of Pathargama and this is a beautiful picnic spot for the tourist. There are plenty of picnic spots in the area around the famous Sundar Dam, located at a distance of about 30 km from the district headquarters.

Sundar Dam is located in the hilly area of ​​Boarijor block. The natural shade here is breathtaking. Apart from the dam, there is a mountain range which touches the hill of the palace and goes far. Pahariya community also resides on top of this hill.

The view of the hill waterfall is also seen in the surrounding area. Just a short distance away from this is the Damakol Falls, which is in the wooded area of ​​Sundar Pahari.

The dam is having 75 Ft. depth was constructed between 1970-78

How to Reach: By Air

Nearest airport is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport, Kolkata and Birsa Munda Ai…

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बसंतराय, गोड्डा (Basantrai )- Godda

This place is at the distance of 12 Kms from the headquarter of Pathergama Block which was inhabited by Raja Basant Rai .

Basantrai, Godda

There existed a big tank in 50 acres of land . According to legend, no one has ever been able to cross the tank from one end to another whether by swimming or an elephant or in a boat. If any one ventured to do so he would find enunciated his feet and dragged himself down to the watery grave .

It is also believed that the tank was being invited on the occasion of marriages or any kind of social ceremonies and people asking for utensils required for the occasion could get miraculously from the water of the tank. Purpose being served these materials were bound to be returned to the tank failing which they had to face calamity or misfortune.

Basantrai, Godda

This belief is still relied up-on and it is held sacred for Hindus and a big Mela (fair) is held on its bank for 15 days beginning from…

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मां योगिनी मंदिर, गोड्डा (Yogini Shaktipith) – Godda

Yogini Shaktipeeth, Godda

It is located in Lakhanpahari hamlet, about 2 kilometres from Pathergama, and has a religious significance.

Tuesday and Saturday are considered fortunate days, and thousands of devotees travel long distances to attend. The shrine exudes a supernatural sublimity that gives worshipers peace of mind and restores their faith.

Maa Yogini Temple is located in Pathargama block of Godda district in Jharkhand. It is located at Barkop, just 15 kms from the district headquarter. This ancient temple of Maa Yogini is very popular among Tantra seekers. Its history is very old. According to historical and religious books, this temple dates back to Dwapara Yuga and the Pandavas spent many days of their unknown year here. It is also discussed in Mahabharata. Then this temple was famous as 'Gupta Yogini'.

Yogini Shaktipeeth, Godda

According to religious scriptures, when Lord Shiva, enraged by the humiliation of his wife Sati, too…

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गोड्डा (Godda)

Godda is a town with a municipality in the Godda subdivision of the Godda district in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is the headquarter of the Godda district. Godda experiences a tropical wet and dry climate, and the basic seasons in this region are summers, winters and the monsoon.

HistoryAs a consequence of the Santhal rebellion of 1845-55 the district of Santhal Paragna was created from portions of Bhagalpur and Birbhum. Godda was a part of undivided Santhal Pargana district until 1981 census. Later, the old Godda sub-division of Santhal Pargana was separated and formed as a new district. The district of Godda was created on 17 May 1983 out of old Santhal Pargana district which was upgraded to the level of division. Godda, the only one town of the district, is the headquarters of Godda district, Godda subdivision and Godda block.


Godda is located at 24.83°N 87.22°E. It has an average e…

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