रत्नेश्वर नाथ धाम, गोड्डा (Ratneshwar Nath Dham) – Godda

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Ratneshwar Nath Dham is situated near the picturesque bank of river Kajhiya situated in Shivpur Mohalla in the district headquarters. This Shiva temple is the center of faith of all the devotees of this region. Devotees come here throughout the year to seek their wishes. Devotees gather here in the month of Sawan.

Rathneshwar Nath Dham, Godda

On every Monday of Sawan, Kanwariyas perform Jalabhishek on foot from various ghats of river Ganga here. In the month of Saman, the temple and the surrounding area resonate with the songs of Bolbam, Har Har Mahadev and devotional songs.

Historical background:

According to the belief, the Shivling of Ratneshwar Nath Dham temple was established five hundred years ago by the Shivling Khoji group of sadhus.

It is said that earlier there used to be light of Nagmani in the temple premises. Shivling was obtained by excavating this place. Hence the name of this Dham was named as Ratneshwar Nath Dham.

Ratneshwar Nath Dham, Godda

After this, Shivganga along with the temple was established by the Banaili State of that time. After this Dharamshala was established by other devotees and landlords and spiritual work gained momentum.