अशोक कुमार का जन्म स्थान, भागलपुर (Birthplace of Ashok Kumar / Dada Muni) – Bhagalpur

[House of memories: Rajbati, where Ashok Kumar was born. Picture by Amit Kumar]

Residents here seemed unaware that an illustrious son of India — Ashok Kumar to some, Dadamoni to many — was born in Bhagalpur more than a hundred years ago.

Ashok Kumar was born at Rajbati, the house of his maternal grandfather, on October 13, 1911. He even spent his childhood in the city, later marrying Shobha Devi, daughter of Sudhirendra Nath of Kharmanchak.

All that remains of Rajbati now are broken walls and the glistening white sand of the Ganga diara. Even the house of his in-laws has disappeared. So has, it seems, his memory among residents.

There were no functions to mark his birth anniversary on Monday. “It’s a generation gap. The new generation is familiar with contemporary artistes. Why should they remember Ashok Kumar,” asked Ratna Mukerjee, senior professor of psychology at Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University, and the daughter of Ashok’s cousi…

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अशोक कुमार (Ashok Kumar)

The boss's wife and leading actress of a leading Film Company runs off with her lead man. She is caught and taken back but not the lead man who is unceremoniously dismissed. So now the company needs a new hero. The boss decides his laboratory assistant would be the Film Company's next leading man. A bizzare film plot??? Hardly. This real life story starred the Bombay Talkies Film Company, it's boss Himansu Rai, lead actress Devika Rani and lead man Najam-ul-Hussain and last but not least its laboratory assistant Ashok Kumar. And thus began an extremely successful acting career that lasted six decades! Ashok Kumar aka Dadamoni was born Kumudlal Kunjilal Ganguly in Bhagalpur and grew up in Khandwa. He briefly studied law in Calcutta, then joined his future brother-in-law Shashadhar Mukherjee at Bombay Talkies as laboratory assistant before being made its leading man. Ashok Kumar made his debut opposite Devika Rani in Jeevan Naiya (1936) but became …
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