भागलपुर संग्रहालय (Bhagalpur Museum)

Bhagalpur Museum is one of the most prestigious tourist attractions in the city of Bhagalpur. Located at Kachari Chowk, it is situated at a distance of mere 1. 8 km from Bhagalpur, besides Burha Nath temple. 

It was established on 11th November 1976 with assortment of artworks and archaeological leftovers. Artifacts belonging to different phases of history can be found here. A good number of them have been collected for this museum. 

Bhagalpur Museum houses artifacts dating as far as 6th and 7th Century. The galleries of museum also contains sculptures, art work anthology of manuscripts and more.Points of attractions in this museum are figurine of Buddha collected from Sultanganj & Sarnath, Statues of Ganesha collected from Mandar,Idols of Mahishasurmardini excavated  from Bank regine, Idols of Maa Durga excavated from the area where CMS School Bhagalpur is located & Yakshini collected from Shahkund.

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