बिहार केसरी पुस्तकालय, मुंगेर (Bihar Kesari Library) – Munger

The foundation-stone of the building was laid on the 21st December, 1947 by Shri Jairam Das Daulat Ram, the then Governor of Bihar. The institution 

has also published a book “Sri Krishna Abhinandan Granth” which was presented to the Chief Minister, Dr. S.K.Sinha by Shri Purushottam Das Tandan in 1949. A big collection of books was donated by Shri Raghubar Narain Singh in the year 1949. The building was completed in 1953. The Pustkylay was formally inaugurated by Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru on the 31st October, 1953. Dr. Sri Krishna Sinha has donated his personal library consisting of about 17,000 books to the institution (1959). As per counting of books done in 1983, there were total 69307 books in the library which are 26178 Hindi, 31865 English, 679 Bangla and 1387 Urdu, Persian and Arabic books.

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