बायो डाइवर्सिटी पार्क, गोड्डा (Bio Diversity Park) – Godda

Bio Diversity Park, Godda

Bio-diversity park is located on Godda-Ramgarh main road, just five km away from the district headquarters. This park was completed about four years ago. This Biodiversity Park has been constructed on Dumka road of Sarkanda in Godda district of Jharkhand. Many types of flowers, plants, medicines and green grass have been decorated in this park.

Recently, CM Raghuvar Das has inaugurated this park online. People have also started coming to the park to enjoy nature. The picturesque views of the park are giving the message of nature protection to the people. At the same time, the Forest Department says that everyone needs to cooperate to keep the park beautiful.

It is designed for the students for research and travel. In this, many types of beautiful trees and plants have also been planted along with the means of entertainment. It can be enjoyed traveling with family and children.

How to Reach

By Air …

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