कैथोलिक चर्च, पूर्णिया (Catholic Church) – Purnea

Roman Catholic Church of Purnea

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Purnea is a diocese located in the city of Purnea. 318,190 The Holy Father John XXIII, by the Apostolic Bull, "Exultet Sancta Mater Ecclesia", established the Diocese of Dumka on August 8, 1962.

36 years later hence the Diocese of Purnea is born from Dumka through a declaration of Pope John Paul II on August 11, 1998. It is an Angelus Church.

The history of the Catholic diocese of Purnea can be traced back not just to these 36 years, but to almost 236 years. Records show that in 1773 Purnea district of that time was already forming part of the Vicariate of the Great Moghul, which was served by the Jesuits and later by the Carmelites. Subsequently, Rome attached Purnea to the neighbouring Prefecture of Tibet under the Capuchins, with Patna as its headquarters. In 1820 it became part of the Agra Vicariate. By then the Capuchin Fathers had been regularly visiting Purnea from differ…

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