छठ पूजा (Chhath Puja)

Though there are many festivals that are celebrated by the Hindus of Bihar, but there is one Hindu festival that is uniquely Bihari, and that is the festival of Chhath. Observed mostly by the people of North Bihar, it is dedicated to the worship of the Sun God and therefore, is also known as SuryaShashti. Chhath is considered to be a means to thank the Sun for bestowing the bounties of life on earth, as also for fulfilling particular wishes. The word Chhath denotes the number six and thus the festival begins on the sixth day of the Hindu month of Kartik in the Hindu lunar calendar, corresponding to late October and mid November, i.e. on 6th day after Deepawali, depending on the year. It is one of the holiest festivals for Biharis and extends for four days. Chhattha, the festival of the sixth day after Diwali is observed with great pomp and show. On this occasion the longest of all fasts is observed by the people, especially women, who before breaking it offer cow's milk, coco…
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