दीपावली (Deepawali/Diwali)

The festival of lights is celebrated in the month of Kartik (October - November) on Krishna Chaturdasi. The moon rotates around the earth in 28 days. We have fourteen days of light and fourteen days of darkness, Krishna Chaturdasi is the darkest night of the dark period. It is associated with the cult of Kali. The mythological background of this festival is many and varied. It is said that when Rama returned to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana in Lanka, the people of Ayodhya celebrated the event with lights and fireworks on Krishna Chaturdashi. In the month of Kartik, Narakasura, a demon, took into captivity all the gopinis ,(shepherdesses) of Brindavan and Mathura. Krishna was furious and in his anger he killed Narakasura. All the gopinis were rescued. The event was celebrated with lights and fireworks all over Mathura and Brindavan. Yet again the story goes that the Gods wanted the 'Amrit Kumbha' so as to get the elixir of life and conquer death. They joined the demons in thi…
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