फॉरबिसगंज, पूर्णिया (Forbesganj)- Purnea


A famous commercial place, this town holds importance in terms of its placement. This small town is located at a mere 12 kms from Biratnagar, the second biggest city in Nepal.

The city was given its present name from its British district collector and municipal commissioner, Alexander John Forbes (1807-1869). A.J. Forbes was a military adventurer and had taken part in the adventures of Northwest India. He was also in the team of Commissioner George Yule of Bhagalpur while fighting the rebels of 73rd native infantry. A.J. Forbes founded the Sultanpur estate and a number of indigo factories situated at different places in this district.

Sultan Pokhar, Forbesganj

After independence, to give the town a more Indian oriented way, it was renamed as Forbesganj. The town is architecturally well defined and planned and British influence and relics still remain in many buildings and places.

The remains of the British premises can b…

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