बाँका (Banka)

Banka (बाँका) is a city and a municipality serving as district headquarters. It is one of the most important business hubs in Bihar. It is the 10th largest city within Bihar. The city is historically very important because of Mandar Hill where Samudra Manthan has been occurred by Hindu rituals. The District was formed on 21st February 1991. 


The district, part of Bhagalpur division, has its headquarters in Banka town. Banka district occupies an area of 3,020 square kilometres (1,170 sq mi), comparatively equivalent to Canada's Akimiski Island.

The district comprises only one subsdivision, Banka, which is further divided into eleven blocks: Banka, Amarpur, Shambhuganj, Belhar, Fullidumar, Katoria, Chandan, Baunsi, Barahat, Dhoraiya, and Rajoun.

Chanan is the main river of Banka. Barua is the second main river near Dubaa village in Banka.

EconomyBanka is a largely agrarian economy and is consi…

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