सैंडिश कंपाउंड, भागलपुर (Sandish Compound/Jai Prakash Udyan) – Bhagalpur

Jai Prakash Udyan is one of the major tourist attractions in the city of Bhagalpur. Located at Khanjarpur, the place is renowned among locals and tourists alike for its lush greenery and beautiful environment.

It has a Doordarshan TV Centre in it. At Sandish Compound the political gathering, Fun Fair, Shopping sales, Music Events, New year events and independence day , republic day function ,Rawan and Kumbh karan effigy burning during Dashhara organized. Sandish Compound also used by Bhagalpur Peoples for Morning Walk, Evening Gathering. Children and Youth come here to play various games as – Cricket, Athletics, Volleyballs etc.  This ground also used by various sports associations to organize Cricket and other sports tournament.

It is told that it was a big ditch. One collector of Bhagalpur whose name was Mr Sandish, during his morning walk started throwing debris in it as a result other passersby also did the sa…

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जय प्रकाश उद्यान, मुंगेर (Jai Prakash Udyan – Company Garden – Munger

Company Garden Munger (Park) is located in Munger, Bihar, India. Nearby area or landmark is Munger Fort.

It's a good place for walking and jogging. Every one can come and spend some valuable time here and may enjoy the beauty of greenery, view of Yog-ashrama also known as the Karna vihar.

Here's also a pond were people can sit and take beautiful view of this garden.

It's a small place but good for those who love greenery and nature. Beside this garden is a mango Bagan. Munger biggest ground Polo is also near this garden.

Earlier it was named Jaiprakash udyan, many animals were also kept here like zoo up to 1990. Now It is a big park along with children park with respect to city. Huge rush can be seen in the morning everyday. Surrounded nearby Ganga river and Polo ground and Bihar school of Yoga inside the historical fort area.

It has a tree house also but you can't get in. You have to pay rs5…

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