जलालगढ़ का किला, पूर्णिया (Jalalgarh Fort) – Purnea

Jalalgarh Fort, Purnea

There is no solid evidence of the history of Jalalgarh Fort, however historians say that this fort was built by Sayyid Muhammad Jalaluddin Khan in 1722. Sayyid Muhammad Jalaluddin was the king of Kishanganj and he built the fort to protect the kingdom from invasion from Nepal.

This fort is quadrangle shaped, was once the night and glory of the royal family of Purnia.

Some other historians say that, then Nawab, Saif Khan had built the fort strategically, to defend the city against Nepali invasion. The ruins of this fort is still visited by many enthusiastic tourists. And some have to say that even before 1722, the fort was present there.

Jalalgarh Fort, Purnea

The sheer beauty, left even in the remains, holds evidence of Hindi as well as Islamic examples of architecture.

It is also said that this fort was built to protect the people and migrants from loot. A few years later, the Jalalgarh …

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