जमालपुर (Jamalpur)

Jamalpur in Bihar's Monghyr Disrict has one of the most remarkable Railway Workshops in the World, and the largest in India. Not even the US of A can surpass India's mammoth railway network, the busiest in the world. Jamalpur is a city and a municipality in Munger district in the Indian state of Bihar. Jamalpur is best known as a very large workshop on the East Indian Railway, employing over 30,000 people at one time. The town was established during the British Raj and the cultural hub at that time was the Railway Institute. The Railway Institute was huge - it had its own movie theatre, a six-lane swimming pool, eight tennis courts, four billiard rooms and a bowling lawn. Its dances were renowned and railway folk came from all over the East India Railway (EIR) to attend. Waterfall The waterfall is not a regular feature during the rainy season and usually a deer species known as neelgai in the local dialect is found near the same.The waterfall is approachable from the wat…
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