मलनीपहार, मुंगेर (Malnipahar) – Munger

A hill in the Kharagpur subdivision, situated in the Kharagpur Hills about seven miles north-east of Bhimbandh. There are several springs, known as Janam Kund, at the bottom of the hill, which form the source of the Anjan River. One spring, which issues at all seasons of the year directly from a crevice in the rock, is apparently that of which the temperature was tested by Buchanan in 1811. Mr.V.H.Jackson, making tests at different seasons, has found that its temperature varies from 147.2` to 149`.

A second series of springs, the existence of which was suspected by Buchanan, was discovered in 1912. These occur along the bed of the Anjan for about 150 yards, at a quarter of a mile from the source. Their highest temperature yet observed is 140.

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