कष्टहरणी घाट, मुंगेर (Kashtaharni Ghat) – Munger

Kashtaharni Ghat is a holy place of Munger district. It is said that once upon a time Lord Ram and Mata Sita bathed at this site while returning to Ajodhya from Mithila, after that this place becomes a holy place. This place is also famous as pilgrim centre for Hindu religion. The word Kastaharni meaning the bathing place which expels all pain. Manpathar is a very popular place, which situated near the Ghat.

The Ganges river that flows in front of Munger is Uttar Vahini for which it has got great importance.There is a cluster of six temple. It is believed that in the 16th century A.D, a Hindu sage, named Mudgal Muni, appeared in the city and established two shrines, one at a rock at Kashtaharini Ghat. It is said that Lord Rama has rested here with his Consort Sita after crossing the stream on their way back from the encounter with Taraka, the demoness. The relaxation they had, gave rise to the name of Kashtaharini Ghat stands. It is believed that – One …

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