जयमंगला गढ़, बेगूसराय (Jaimangala Garh) – Begusarai

Jaimangalagarh (जयमंगला गढ़) is a major tourist destination and bird sanctuary of Bihar. It is surrounded by Kabar Lake , where every year lakhs of birds come from all over the country and abroad. There is a famous temple of Mata Jayamangala here. Also known as Monkey Island as there are many monkeys found on this island.


It is believed that this was the stronghold of King Jaimangal. At present, research on its historicity is going on. The site, is clearly quite ancient since even without proper excavations, it has yielded artefacts dating back to the 5th century B.C. 

Tourist Places

The temple of Jayamangala Mata "Salt Satyagraha Path" is located about one kilometer away from the main road. Situated about 22 kms from Begusarai atop a mound on the edge of the Kabar lake, considered as one of the largest freshwater oxbow lakes in Asia, the ancient temple, with present structure dating b…

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