कुर्सेला, पूर्णिया (Kursela) – Purnea

Kursela Bridge

Also known as Kuru-shila, this place is known as the land of Kurus or where the Kuru dynasty of Mahanharat originated from. A distorted form of Kuru-Shila, modern day Kursela is one of the hilly regions in Purnia which is said to have belonged to ancient King Kuru.

About 4km from here is the well known Bateshwar hills which is known as the site of the Vikramshila university.

Raja Ayodhya Prasad Singh, 1st Zamindar of Kursela, he left his family's original zamindari of Barh-Rupas in Patna Districtm in 1881 and acquired 32,000 acres of land in Kursela, becoming a major landowner in the area, he was subsequently acknowledged as the Zamindar of Kursela.

Raja Raghubansh Prasad Singh, Kursela

Raja Bahadur Raghubansh Prasad Singh, Zamindar of Kursela, born 1895, he was granted the title of Raja Bahadur, which he later rejected in favour of Rai Bahadur. He was a great philanthropist, and administrator. He was the largest land …

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कर्ण – अंग के असली नायक (Karna – The real hero of Anga)

On Diwali, gamblers take the "auspicious" name of Yudhisthir before starting the game. How this patron of gamblers who told lies throughout his life has come to be known a s dharmaraj (Protector of religion) and how Karna, who did not even hesitate to give away his life in charity has been deprived of honour, are questions requiring careful consideration. Ironically, historians, writers of Purans and great poets have ignored Karna, who imbued the nation with enthusiasm, strength, self - respect and love for truth, and have established Yudhisthir as a pillar of the nation by showering upon him epithets like Dharmaputra (Son of Religion) and Dharmaraj (Ruler of Religion). Our ancient guides inadvertently, if not deliberately, declared as ideal men certain persons whose charachters were no better than a false weight or measure. Yudhisthir is one of them. Poets Exalted the Honest People In the begining of Hindu culture, poets exaplted the honest people. The portrayls of Harish …
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