ठाकुरगंज, पूर्णिया (Thakurganj)- Purnea

It is located 46 KM towards North from District head quarters Kishanganj.

This place is named after Bhima of Mahabharat and is an important place of interest from ancient history. Famous border city Thakurganj is located at a place where it was believed that the great hero of Mahabharata, Bhim had arrived and lived here during the 14th year of exile and was working as a cook (Thakur) in the then local king Raja Birat’s palace.

Thakurganj, Purnea

Pandava had stayed at this place during their one year incognito exile. Local tradition still speaks of the struggle and the conquest of the Kiratas and a Kirata Woman from the Morang or Tarai is said to have been the wife of Raja Birat, who, it is said in Mahabharata that gave shelter to Yudhisthira and his four Pandava brothers during their 12 years of exile.

There is a Kheer Samudra Sthal in Dudhmanjar under Patesari Panchayat. Where it is said that Arjuna, the beloved of Lord Krishna …

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मंदार पर्वत, बाँका (Mandar Hills) – Banka

Mandar Parvat (Mandar hill) is a small mountain situated in Banka district under Bhagalpur division of state of Bihar. It is about 700 ft high and approximately 45 km south of Bhagalpur city. The mountain is famous as Mandar Hill. Mandar Hill is a great place of pilgrimage although it is not so well known now. On top of the hill there are two temple side by side belonging to Hinduism and Jainism followers.

The mountain has many references in hindu mythology known as mandarachal parvat. As per references found from Puranas and Mahabharata this hill was used for churning the ocean to extract the nectar from its bosom (Samudra Manthan).


At that time (606647 A. D.) the area was under the rule of the Khetauri kings of Mal origin and they were very antagonistic to the Buddhist monks. But Buddhism had another spurt in Anga during the Pala kings.Under Dharma- pala (c. 770810 A.D.), the son of Gopala, the frontier of the Anga empire touched the west of the S…

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