दमदमा कोठी, मुंगेर (Damdama Kothi) – Munger


Inside of the Munger fort there is a hillock, on the other side of the tanks, is an artificial rectangular mound which once probably formed the citadel of the fort. There is no ancient local name given to this hill, but it is stated that there once stood here a building known as Damdama Kothi which was demolished by the British, to make room for the Collector’s Bungalow.

This Kothi was built of very strong masonry, for it had to be blown-up by gunpowder, bit by bit, since the ordinary methods of demolition could make no impression on it.

While removing the debris from its site numerous holes were discovered showing the former existence of underground rooms. Inside a well in the compound, just above the water level, two arched passages were found, one leading towards the house and the other, in the opposite direction; towards the ground now occupied by the Jail.

The Kothi would appear to be the work of the Mohammedan rulers, raised perh…

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मुंगेर का किला (Munger Fort) – Munger

The Munger Fort, located at Munger (also spelt as Monghyr during the British Raj), in the state of Bihar, India, is built on a rocky hillock on the south bank of the Ganges River. Its history is not completely dated but it is believed that it was built during the early rule of Slave dynasty of India. The Munger town where the fort is situated was under the control of Muhammad bin Tughluq of Delhi (1325-1351 CE). The fort has two prominent hills called the Karnachaura or Karanchaura, and the other a built up rectangular mound deduced to be the location of a citadel of the fort with historical links. The Fort had a succession of Muslim rulers (Khaljis, Tughlaqs, Lodis, Nawabs of Bengal, followed by Mughal rulers, till it was finally acceded to the British by Mir Quasim (1760–72), after unseating his father-in-aw Mīr Jafar on the grounds of old age, for a monetary reward negotiated by Vansittart. This deal involved payment by the East India Company's mer…

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