मुंगेर संग्रहालय (Munger Museum)

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Munger Museum placed in Munger Fort, Munger, Bihar 811201, and Munger Museum took a good position in the art gallery category in Munger. If you live in Munger or some where near to Munger than this will be a good and easy destination for you.

Munger Sangrahalay

Munger Museum is a building or space for the exhibition of art, usually from the museum's own collection. It is privately owned and accessible to everyone or subject to restrictions. Although art museums are primarily concerned with the visual arts, they are often used as a venue for other cultural exchanges and artistic activities…

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इंडोर स्टेडियम, मुंगेर (Indoor Stadium-cum-Auditorium) – Munger

Chief minister Nitish Kumar inaugurated the newly-constructed indoor stadium-cum-auditorium and museum each entailing an expenditure of Rs 3.5 crore inside the fort area on Thursday 23 May, 2013 noon during his ‘Seva Yatra’ of the district. The Chief Minister was the first one to write in the guest book.

The museum has housed several prehistoric  idols and artifacts. It has housed several ancient idols of Lord Buddha, Lord Ganesh, besides a large number of gods and goddesses. The history of Munger  is on display. The display also shows the various battle fought at Munger  by the Indian nationalist rulers including Mir Qasim and others during the British rule.

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