मुरली पहाड़ एवं मस्ज़िद, सुलतानगंज (Murli Pahad & Masjid) – Sultanganj

This is another site at Sultanganj. A mosque called Jami Masjid, is situated at the top of the hill, with the platform supported by a retaining wall facing the river.

From its conspicuous position amidst Hindu ruins, it is supposed to represent the site of another ancient Hindu Temple or Buddhist Stupa, not clearly described by Cunningham, who assigned it to around 1500 AD from its Pathan style of architecture. 

Bloch, who referred to the mosque with “the curved Bengali battlement, the only instance of this style which I know of outside Bengal proper”, mentioned that underneath that mosque was once the site of “a large Buddhist stupa”, but, however, no grounds of such conclusion were documented. 

Remnants of tunnel and caves can be seen on both Ajgaivinath and the Murli Pahar hill where saints used to meditate . Stone statues and idols of Hindu and Jain gods are frequently seen on both the hills. 

A large number of…

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