काझा कोठी, पूर्णिया (Kajha Kothi) – Purnea

Kajha Kothi, Purnea

There is a British era park in Kajha village, just 12 km from the district headquarters, which the world knows as Kajha Kothi. This park located in Kajha village was renamed as Shastri Park. The reason for this is that the house of Bhola Paswan Shastri, who was the Chief Minister for three seasons in Bihar, is close to this Kothi.

Kajha Kothi, Purnea

It is said that Kajha Kothi, which is considered to be the heritage of Purnia, is a history in itself. While staying near the circuit house, the British used to train the villagers in indigo cultivation.

There is a circuit house in this park, which was built in the then British Empire. Special arrangements were made to stay in that circuit house on the arrival of the English officers. Indira Gandhi has come and rested in this historic circuit house of Kajha Kothi.

Kajha Kothi, Purnea

Which today is called Kajha Kothi, during the British era it was called 'Ni…

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नील कोठी, राजमहल (Neel Kothi) – Rajmahal

Neel-kothi is a historical place and it is located at the heart of the city of Rajmahal. It was built by Englishman on 24 September 1796 to process and storage of Neel (Indigo) used for dying cotton cloth;

During British time, Rajmahal became part of the British program for an indigo cultivation. Those indigo fields are probably being used for growing rice, dals, other cereals and even mustard.  

Neel Kothi, Rajmahal

Nil Kothi is situated at the banks of Ganga around 1 kms from the railway station in 'Kasimbazar' area. Unfortunately this place is acquired by a local person, so we cannot go inside of this warehouse but still we can go and visit the place and surroundings.

The structure has big wooden gates. There are few places in the building where the similar kind of gates are carved and painted on the wall (they are not actual wooden gates). This probably tells about the place that the warehouse was feared to be att…

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