ओढ़नी बांध, बाँका (Odhni Dam) – Banka

Odhni Dam (ओढ़नी बांध) is known for its water sports adventures. It is located in the south - east of Banka district in the state of Bihar. Banka Town is the region’s administrative centre and for Boating activities in odhni dam is area’s most recognizable landmark.

A hot summer and a lovely Winter season characterize the climate of this location. Belharni and Barua streams are located in the north-western part of the region’s territory. Streams Chanan and Orhni flow from the centre of the area, where they meet. Mandar Giri rises in the east of Mandar and is bridged by the river Cheer. 

It is framed by a few tidal surges that flow across these streams, making it suitable for boating rides in Odhni Dam Banka, Bihar. These streams have a long life span. It almost evaporates in the summer, but floods occur in the windy season. In the case of Chanan and Barua streams, dikes and canals have been constructed that have been quite useful. …

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