पापहरणी सरोवर, बांका (Papharni Pond) – Banka

Papharni Pond, Banka

There is a pond in the foothills of Mandar mountain which is known as Papaharani. There are three paths leading up to the mountain through the vicinity of this pond. Many temples are lying in a dilapidated state under this mountain.

In the center of Papaharani is a panoramic temple of Mahabishnu and Mahalakshmi. Two Jain temples are situated on the top of the mountain. A large number of Jain pilgrims come here to worship Lord Vasupujya. It is believed that this is the nirvana land of Lord Vasupujya.

Papharni Pond, Banka

There are many small ponds on the mountain. Of these, the depth of the Milky Way and the conch shell is satisfactory. Sita Kund is the most famous among these kunds. It is named after the goddess Sita. It is believed that Sita took a bath here.

Papharni Sarovar is a major religious place in Banka district. This lake is built on the foothills of Mandar Hill in Bounsi in Banka district. Here you get to…

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