अंग भूगोल (Geography of Anga)

Coordinates: 25°15′N 87°0′E

Elevation: 52 m (171 ft)

Satellite map of Anga Region (Source: Google Map)

Google Location Map of Bhagalpur

Climate of Anga

Flora and fauna of Anga

Greater adjutant (Leptoptilos dubius), a member of the stork family, associated with the mythical bird Garuda, has a Rescue and Rehabilitation Area located in Bhagalpur, the second largest of its kind. Loss of nesting habitat and feeding sites through drainage, pollution and disturbance, together with hunting and egg collection, caused a massive dip in the population of the species. Garuda birds were first spotted nesting and breeding on a silk cotton tree near a village in the Ganga-Diara area in Bhagalpur in 2007. In May 2006, 42 birds were seen by the Mandar Nature Club team for the first time. Prior to this, the species had never been seen in Bihar duri…

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