शिल्प कला (Sculpture)

Ang - Pradesh has its usual assortment of rural handicrafts of hand painted wall hangings, wooden stools, miniatures in paper and leaves, stone pottery,bamboo and leather goods and appliqué work. The ancient designs in bright colours can still be seen on the mud walls in the districts of Saharsa, Munghyr, Begusarai, Purnea, & Bhagalpur. Bikramsila epitomise the art of sculptures. Different temples, stupas, vihars and residential accommodations of the monks exemplify the architectural designs and constructional superiority. The uniqueness of the Pal Age architecture lies in its use of bricks in construction. The residual portion of the temple and the stupas of Bikramsila Mahavihar (Bhgalapur) not only signals the socio-religious life of the age but also the superior craftsmanship in brick, stone and earth. The Art found in Sultanganj was much influenced by the Mathura style. Ang - Pradesh has its usual assortment of rural handicrafts of hand painted wall hangings, wo…
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