शिव पहाड़, दुमका (Shiv Pahar) – Dumka

Shiv Pahar, Dumka

It is the very famous place of Dumka. As the name depicts the temple of Shiva is situated at the top of the Pahar so the Pahar is known as Shiv Pahar. There are various temples situated here. Among local people it is very sacred place.

A fair is also organized at Shivratri here.

Shiv Pahar Temple is a famous religious place in Dumka district. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is built on a hill. There are stairs to reach the temple. After reaching the temple, We get the chance to have the darshan of Lord Shiva ji.

Nag Mandir is also built near the temple. Here snakes meet to see the deity. There is a lot of crowd here on Shivratri.

You will love coming here. If you come to visit Dumka, then you can also visit this temple and see Lord Shiva.

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