काठघर, राजमहल (Kathghar): The Village of Stone Cereals – Rajmahal

Kathghar, probably the only place on the face of earth where you can get ‘stone cereals’ – pebbles that resemble different varieties of rice, pulses and seeds.

The Geological Survey of India had done a study on these stone cereals in the late 80s and they came to the conclusion that these are basically undigested silica particles that were trapped inside the basalt rocks found in abundance in that area. Over a period of time, the rocks weathered and silica particles of different shapes, sizes and colors came out in the open. It is very likely that in the ancient times there was a stream or a river nearby that deposited the ‘stone cereals’ at Kathghar.

Stone Cereals (Grain Fossils) at Kathghar, Rajmahal

veteran geologist A K Sahni contested Singh’s claim.

“My first impression is that these are silica, spindle-shaped objects that congealed during an eruptive phase of the volcanic activity that occurred around Rajmahal about 100…

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