मां योगिनी मंदिर, गोड्डा (Yogini Shaktipith) – Godda

Yogini Shaktipeeth, Godda

It is located in Lakhanpahari hamlet, about 2 kilometres from Pathergama, and has a religious significance.

Tuesday and Saturday are considered fortunate days, and thousands of devotees travel long distances to attend. The shrine exudes a supernatural sublimity that gives worshipers peace of mind and restores their faith.

Maa Yogini Temple is located in Pathargama block of Godda district in Jharkhand. It is located at Barkop, just 15 kms from the district headquarter. This ancient temple of Maa Yogini is very popular among Tantra seekers. Its history is very old. According to historical and religious books, this temple dates back to Dwapara Yuga and the Pandavas spent many days of their unknown year here. It is also discussed in Mahabharata. Then this temple was famous as 'Gupta Yogini'.

Yogini Shaktipeeth, Godda

According to religious scriptures, when Lord Shiva, enraged by the humiliation of his wife Sati, too…

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