भोगनाडीह, साहिबगंज (Bhognadih) – Sahibganj

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Bhognadih is a village in the Barhait CD block in the Sahibganj subdivision of the Sahibganj district of the Jharkhand State, India. It is a hilly area with the Rajmahal hills running from the bank of the Ganges in the extreme north to the south.

Bhognadih Park, Sahibganj

Do not miss a trip to Bhoganadih, the historical village of Sidhu and Kanu, the two legendary brothers who triggered the Santhal revolt in 1855. The village is considered as a sacred location by the tribes. The place where Santhal Rebellion initiated, a monument is also erected on the place and every year Shaheed Mela is organised to pay tribute to the sacrifice of the brothers. You can also visit Panchkathiya, the place where these siblings were hanged by the British.


The Santals settled in large numbers in the region called Damin-i-koh in the late 18th century to early 19th century and they came from Odisha, Chotanagapur and West Bengal. The industrious Santhals cleared the forests and brought large tracts of land under cultivation in the area between Bhagalpur and Birbhum. While the British collected the taxes, Bengali traders and money lenders poured in, other immigrants also came in. The Santhals were recklessly exploited. The Santhal rebellion or Hul, as it was locally known, first raised it head in 1855 in the Damin-i-koh area, against the falsehood and negligence of the sahibs, extortion of the mahajans (money lenders), the corruption of the amla (officials) and oppression of the police. Their ire was particularly against the Bengali and other immigrants, collectively called Dikus. Over a period of time, the Dikus had acquired more and more of the land from the Santhals.

Sidhu-Kanhu Statue, Sahibganj

The first attack of the Santhals were against those who prospered at their cost. It was in the form of dacoities. The ring leaders were punished. The Santal community was exasperated and more of them poured in from other areas in their support. The leadership was provided by four brothers – Sidhu, Kanhu, Chand and Bhairab – belonging to Bhognadih. The brothers claimed divine providence. On 30 June 1855, 10,000 Santhals are said to have gathered at Bhognadih, proclaiming their aims. A sense of fear swept across the non-Santhals, right up to Bhagalpur. A body of troops sent from Bhagalpur was defeated by the Santhals and they were the masters and started ravaging the country from Colgong to Rajmahal, and as far south as Raniganj and Sainthia. With more troops having superior fire-power being rushed in, the Santhals were pushed back to the forests and brutally suppressed. A large number of people along with all the leaders were killed.

Bhognadih, the village of the Santhal brothers, is very sacred for the Santhal community. There also is memorial for the brothers at Panchkatiya, where Sidhu and Kanhu were hanged.

Hul Divas

In the memory of Santhal Hul (rebellion), Hul Divas (Rebellion Day) is celebrated each year, specially among Santhal tribes. It is now a custom that each year Chief Minister of Jharkhand state visit this place, and pay respect to Sidho and Kanho