बिंदुवासिनी मंदिर, साहिबगंज (Binduvasini Temple/Bindudham) – Sahibganj

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Bindudham, also known as Binduwasni Mandir, is a Hindu Temple, is located at Barharwa in Sahibganj District of Indian state Jharkhand and dedicated to the Maha Durga (Kali), Maha Lakshmi and Maha Saraswati (Tridevi) in the form of Shaktipeeth. Bindudham temple is an ancient temple,[ but with the elapse of time, it became unpopular.

Bindubasini Temple, Sahibganj

Swami Hariharanand Giri, popularly known as Pahari Baba, realized this ancient temple’s importance. It is thanks to the work and direction of Pahari Baba that Bindudham, Barharwa (बिन्दुधाम, बरहरवा) has again gained its great prosperity and heritage. Binduwasni Temple (the temple of Tridevi) is related to the the story of Goddess Sati.

Three sacred blood drops of Sati are placed in the form of Shakti Peeth; this is why people call Sati Maa Binduwasni and the place Bindudham (Sanskrit / Hindi :बिन्दुधाम), i.e. a place of Adi Parashakti (Divine Mother) in the form of a Bindu (point). In metaphysical terms, Bindu is considered the point where creation begins and the many become the unity. It is also described as “the sacred symbol of the cosmos in its un-manifested state”

Bindubasini Temple, Sahibganj

Binduwasni Mandir is at the top of the “Binduwasni hill”, Barharwa. Binduwasni hill belongs to Rajmahal hills formed at the time of Jurassic Period.

The main temple has a statue of the Hindu god Surya (Sun). He is seated in a Seven horsed Rath (an old Indian royal horse cart). In another part of Binduwasni hill, a large 35-foot statue of Hanuman stands, where people can see his sacred foot prints. A Rama temple is under construction now in the same site.

Binduvasini Temple, Sahibganj

So many people of neighboring areas come here to worship Maa Bindabasini. It is a small neat and clean temple having good look. Temple is very popular in Santhal Paragana and adjoining West Bengal state.

The ambiance of the place is too Holly. This temple is a must visit place. Famous because as per history Bindi of Maa Gauri was dropped here while Lord Shiva was holding her on his back.

There is also a 30 ft. tall Lord Hanuman Statue (Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman) situated beside the Temple. This temple is famous for Ramnavmi fair. Devotees gather in large number on Ram-Navami at this temple during the fair which lasts for about 30 days. It is a perfect destination for a great time with your dear ones. Enjoy the attractions of this popular tourist spot.

30 feet Hanuman Statute , Bindubasini Temple, Sahibganj

A religious temple with history of Monk Pahari Baba and his followers, situated on top of a small peak surrounded by lush vegetation, trees and birds.

Chaitra Navratri Durga puja is the main Puja (worship) festival in Bindudham temple. The Chaitra Navratra festival falls in the Shukla Paksha, the first nine days of the month of Chaitra (March–April) in the Hindu calendar. In this occasion of Chaitra Navratra, a nine days Maha Yajna is organised. Fair devotees gather in large numbers on Ram-Navami at this temple during this festival. Along with the Chaitra puja, Bindudham temple organizes almost all Hindu worship occasions like Govardhan Puja, Rani Sati Pujan, Guru Purnima, Khatu Shyam Pujan (worship) etc. along with regional cultural activities.

Pahari Baba, Bindubasini Temple, Sahibganj

With so much to lure your senses and offer you recreation at its best, get drenched in the spirit of adventure that you get to explore at Binduwasini temple. You will get a good view from the top of the hill.

How to Reach

Barharwa Junction railway station is only 2 kilometers away from Bindudham. 30 min walk. Best for half day tour.