अंगदेश के खान-पान (Cuisines of Ang Desh)

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By and large, people of Ang- Pradesh are vegetarians.Lying on the border of West Bengal, the cuisine here is influenced by both states.

Chitba & Pitthow are baked items prepared from rice flour.

Chura is pressed rice . The pressed rice is washed and mixed with curds sugar or Jaggery making it an instant health food. This is particularly suited to the climate in Ang – Pradesh.

Sattu is powdered gram. Sattu is mixed with water and salt,made into dough and eaten with green chillies and onion. This dish is full of protein. These do not need cooking and hence ave fuel.

Another special dish of Ang-Pradesh is the Littis – a circular mound of wheat dough, baked on a girdle or oven. Littis are stuffed with a mixture of roasted sattu, onion, ginger, green chillies, kalonji and ajwain (carom seeds). A variation of the Littis is the Makoni.

Khichidi â€“made from dal and rice eaten with alu bharta (boiled and mashed potato sautéed with spices and onions) or baigan bharta (roasted brinjals done the same way),chutney, pickles, papads and ghee is a favourite. Usually they eat khichdi on saturday.

Mixed dals, bhaat (boiled rice), green vegetables, chutney and potato dishes are a must at each meal.

Gadda is a special kind of daal prepared from green mutter.

Odha is dry fried green gram.

Gudamma is a sweet item prepared from mangoes.

Ang Pradesh also has an assortment of breads – poories,kachories, parathas, etc. The food invariably has ghee and mustard oil.

Kheer– a sweet dish made of rice and thickened milk.

Paan – paan is sometimes taken after the meal is over.

Other favourite cuisines are & Several Types of Bhunja.

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