गंगा – दार्जीलिंग सड़क, पूर्णिया (Ganga-Darjeeling Road) – Purnea

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The famous Ganga-Darjeeling Road existing since the British era opens up leaflets of history even today.

Tourists exploring it in and around the city of Purnia would literally explore entire city once they start from the Gulab Bagh area to Line Bazaar and then Tatma Toli area besides passing through the Flour Mill-Polytechnic Chowk.

This small journey by the road becomes crucial as visitors literally explore major part of the city today until reaching the outer circle at Khazanchi Haat Thana or the Naka area.

This road joints Gulab Bagh – Line Bazar- Tatma Toli – Flower Mill- Polytechnic Chowk of British Purnia and at that time, It was the Outer Circle of Purnia, that’s why Khazanchi Haat Thana (Naka) is still there on this road. The most peculiar thing above all is that, after 75 years of independence this road has a Wooden-Bridge or Kaath Pool on Purnia – Khuski Bagh Road, and not surprisingly ; This Bridge is the single Wooden Bridge in NH-31.