गोरेलाल ‘मनीषी’ (Gorelal ‘Manishi’)

Gorelal Manishi (Hindi: गोरे लाल मनीषी) (1 January 1944 – 30 September 2012) was an Indian Social Activist, Angika language writer, former Bihar Government Engineering Services Officer and former President of Bihar Engineering Services Association. He was also the board member of Kosi Bund Erosion Judicial Enquiry Commission as constituted by the Govt. of Bihar. He was a Civil Engineering graduate and also he had earned Bachelor degree in Law (LLB) while he was in engineering services.

Early Years

Gorelal Manishi was born on 1 January 1944, in a medium class farmer family to Narayan Singh and Mundri Devi in a small village Khanpur (Mal), Bhagalpur, Bihar, India. The ancestors of Manishi emigrated from Nearer village Bhikhanpur to Khanpur (Mal). Manishi lost his father at very early age to be taken care of his childhood and later period of his life by his mother. His mother Mundri Devi was not formally literate but was very well skilled in Agricultural and farming Management activities. His mother helped him throughout in moulding his career. He enrolled for primary school in nearer village, Inglish Khanpur and attended high school in Karahraiya village. He earned his early college degree from TNB, Bhagalpur and later studied Degree Course in Civil Engineering at the prestigious Bhagalpur College of Engineering, Bhagalpur.

Engineering Career

Upon graduating as an engineer, Manishi took up jobs at various posts in various sub departments of the Water Resource Department of Govt. of Bihar for 29 years. Thereafter he had taken retirement from the Govt. services voluntarily just to concentrate and devote more time to Anti-corruption activities. He was known for his honesty, sincerity, time management and dedication to a cause. North Koel River Valley Project, Palamu, Jharkhand, Western Koshi canal Project, Kunauli, Bihar, Subernrekha River Multipurpose Project, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand were among those important projects where he worked during his tenure.

Social Services Career

Manishi actively worked in spreading and generating awarenesses among people for issues of corruptions and right to information act . He had also worked for spreading scientific knowledge and scientific world vision amongst the people. He also worked to spread awareness on topics of Indian national interest. He was active members of various social organisation, important among them were, Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti (BGVS), Lok Adhikar Sangathan, Azadi Bachao Andolan, Right to Information Campaign.

Anti-corruption Movement/Campaign

Gorelal Manishi in Khanpurmal

Gorelal Manishi in Khanpurmal

As an Engineer, Manishi was troubled by the rampant corruption in the government department at almost all the levels. In 2004, he had quit the Govt. job by offering voluntarily retirement from work to focus on RTI campaign. People recognise him for activating the RTI movement at the grass-roots, and empowering Bihar’s poor citizens to fight corruption. Along with other social activists like Aruna Roy, Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and others Manishi came to be recognised as an important contributor to the campaign for a state and national-level Right to Information Act (enacted in 2005). 

Awards and Recognition

Gore lal Manishi was appointed as a board member of Kosi Bund Erosion Judicial Enquiry Commission as constituted by the Govt. of Bihar. He was feted with honorary membership of the International Institution of Civil Engineers (based in London), Life Member of Indian Geotechnical Society, New Delhi, Life Member of Institution of Engineers, Kolkata, Members of Indian Road Congress and various other statutory engineering bodies. He was president of the Bihar Engineering Service Association. He was one of the most popular engineering persons of his tenure from Bihar and Jharkhand.

After his death, he was awarded with the highest honour of Bihar Engineering Service Association, the Abhiyanta Ratna, in September,2014.


Manishi died of Prostate Cancer on 30 September, 2012 in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. However, according to his family members, he died under mysterious circumstances after his cancer was cured. His body got cremated without proper investigation and by producing false papers.

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