हल्दी झरना, सिमुलतला, जमुई (Haldi Jharna) – Simultala, Jamui

Surroundings of Haldi Jharna, Simultala

Haldi Jahrna is a small waterfall in Simultala. People go there to enjoy the journey and water activities. Vehicles cant go up-to the jharna, you need to to some walk, some trekking amidst the dense forest. This beautiful surroundings make the journey fun and refreshing.

Way to Haldi Jharna, Simultala

You can see the origin of the Haldi Jharna, water is drinkable, however make your own decision. There is a water pool near the origin point, if you area good swimmer, you can enjoy swimming there. Do not forget to pack your swimming gear before coming here. It will be advisable to also bring some fruits and water as you wont get these nearby.

It is believed that the water of the falls have a curative power. You have to walk for some time to reach the falls, even if you take a vehicle. 

Local Travel

Haldi Jharna is 3 kms from SImultala town center. There are picturesque place around to make the journey to Haldi Jharna a worthwhile experience. To visit, auto rickshaw, hired car, cycle rickshaw and Tongas are available at the railways station.

Source of Haldi Jharna, Simultala

Stay Safe while in Simultala

You should also stay safe, as there had been reports of Naxalite activities in the area in the past. Try not to walk into lonely forests. Staying out during the evening should also be avoided.

Pond near source of Haldi Jharna, Simultala