हरीला जोड़ी, देवघर (Harila Jori) – Deoghar

It is known as ‘Haritika van’ where from worshiping matters were collected. There is one temple of Lord Shiva which cannot be over looked from historical point of view. It is said that genesis of this place is related with Ravan.

Harila Jori is located on the north side of holy and very ancient temple of the great Lord Shiva. This is one of the twelve famous Jyotirlingas in India and most revered by the devotees. The Shravani mela also takes place here during the month if July and August. You can have all milk products out here such as Peda, Rabri, Dahi and dairy sweets of various types. This area is full of Haritaki or Myrobalan trees.

Harila Jori Temple, Deoghar

It’s a mythology that Ravana forced Lord Shiva to come with him at Lanka. Shiva presented a Shiv Lingam to Ravana and told him that first you take this and established this in Lanka, then I will come there, but you have to remember one thing that you have to put this in your hands. But when raavan went for urination he handed over the Lingam to lord Vishnu disguised as a brahmin. This was the exact place where the whole incident was happened and the both lord shiva and vishnu met there since then the place is known as Harila jori. It is a nice place to visit with natural beauty. Shiva temple here was built by Shri Achintan Das. There’s also a famous water tank known as Shool Harini Tank.

Harila jori is a famous tourist spot on jharkhand. The place is situated at the northern side of deodhar. It is famous for lord shiva temple. The place is 8 km away from baidynath temple. The place is just neaby baidynath temple so it is easily accessible from the temple. When you visit the baidynath temple then don’t miss this place. The place is must visit