करमदाहा घाट एवं मंदिर, जामताड़ा, दुमका (Karamdaha Ghat & Temple) – Jamtara, Dumka

When you visit Jamtara, you can easily visit two places, i.e., Karamdaha Ghat and Karamdaha Temple at the same time – a very beautiful picturesque place.

Karamdaha Mandir, Jamtara

Karamdaha Temple is one of the most famous temples dedicated to Dukhiya Mahadev and is located just 44 kms away from Jamtara Railway Junction. Instead of normal days, this temple is occupied during specific festivals;

In addition, every year on the occasion of Makar Sankranti a 15-day Karamdaha fair is held.

In the said fair, shopkeepers come from the neighboring cities as well as from the provinces of West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar etc.

Karamdaha Ghat, Jamtara

People’s faith and faith in Karamdaha Dukhiya Mahadev is unwavering. A large number of people reach Karamdaha to see the fair. The people who go to the fair first take a holy bath in the Barakar river and then enjoy the fair only after paying obeisance at the rate of Dukhiya Mahadev.

The Khaja of Karamdaha Mela has been famous from the past, the weight of each Khaja here used to be up to two to three kg in the past, in the present time each Khaja weighs up to one kilogram. The people who come to the fair do not forget to take it with them.

How to Reach Karamdaha Fair

The distance from Narayanpur to Karamdaha is 9 km. Bus or auto facility is available from Narayanpur bus stand, fare is Rs.10.

Similarly, bus and auto facility is also available from Jumman Mor which goes via Karamdaha, here also the fare is Rs.10.

Similarly, the distance from Govindpur to Karamdaha in Dhanbad district is 22 km.

Bus auto facility is also available from Govindpur, the fare is Rs 30.