खिस्सा चांदो बिहुला बिसहरी के (Khissa Chando Bihula Bishari Ke ) – Angika Movie

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Khissa Chando Bihula Bishari Ke (खिस्सा चांदो बिहुला बिसहरी के ) is the first ever completed feature film in Angika Language, however, it could not see the face of theatre as it was not released due to various reasons.

“Khissa Chando Bihula Bishari Ke” would be the next film, which is in the foray for screening shortly on Indian silver screen after “Khagaria Vali Bhouji”. According to the sources, ‘Khissa Chando Bihula Bishari Ke’  was scheduled to be released on May 04, 2007. It is told that ‘Khissa Chando Bihula Bishari Ke’ is the first ever Angika Film which has been granted a Certificate for the release by the Censor Board.

Things were quite different some years ago. Films made in Gujarati, Marathi and Punjabi languages ruled in respective states with much success. Other regional films like Bhojpuri films then were nowhere seen. But since 2005, Bhojpuri films began gaining ground.

And now it appears that the turn is of Angika Cinema. A rare feat indeed! Angika films are now to suddenly become catch word in Indian cinema. The films are expected to do huge business in terms of success and money return. No other regional language films are comparable to Angika after Bhojpuri films in terms of total viewership. The way the films are making progress in Angika Language, quality directors and actors and actresses may join Angika films to take it to a new height.

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