किशनगंज, पूर्णिया (Kishanganj) – Purnea

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District headquarters of neighboring Kishanganj district, the city of Kishanganj is located at reasonable distance from Purnia. It is best place for shopping and so can explorers come to its tea gardens to explore this region to the best.

Har Gauri Temple, Kishanganj

Greeneries, picturesque tea gardens, ancient forts, temples, mosques and rivers are few noteworthy attractions of Kishanganj located in the northernmost side of Bihar state. It is surrounded by adjacent districts of Araria and Purnea in western and southwestern regions respectively while West Bengal’s Uttar Dinajpur surrounds it from the eastern side. Northern border of Kishanganj is surrounded by West Bengal’s Darjeeling District and so does it share international border with the neighboring country of Nepal from this side.

Kishanganj is known for its fertile lands and numerous beautiful locations. The region is known for its natural beauty and forestry areas. Best transportation & infrastructure connected through Kishanganj Railway Station and Thakurganj Railway Station besides National Highway 31 connecting it with Purnea and West Bengal are of crucial value. Bagdogra International Airport in Darjeeling District of West Bengal is located at a distance of 90 kilometers from Kishanganj to connect it with the rest Indian cities by air.

Churli Havel, Thakurganj Kishanganj

Places to see

Kishanganj Fort: Ruins of Kishanganj Fort built by the erstwhile Nawab of Khagada, Mohammed Fakiruddin still exists in the outskirts of Kishanganj city. 

Ruidhasa Khanquah: Located in Khanquah-Baghicha Road in headquarters of Kishanganj District in the Kishanganj city, this Khanqauh is an ancient religious center. A Muslim saint used to stay at this place centuries ago whose grave is still there. Devotees flock here to worship.

Kadam Rasul Mazaar: As majority of inhabitants in Kishanganj are Muslims hence presence of beautiful mosques is obvious. Dargah or Mazaar of Kadam Rasul is famous shrine in this district. The area nearby a revered Muslim Saint’s grave is named after it as Kadam Rasul market. The gatherings become too much during the annual Urs held here.

Bandarjoola: Benugarh based Bandarjoola Village of Kishanganj District came into limelight during excavations in the recent past. Ever since ancient statues of Lord Vishnu and Sun God were found at this place, it has turned into a shrine where visitors and devotees alike keep flocking every day.

Kishanganj Quila

HarGauri Temple: Located in Thakurganj border block, ancient HarGauri Temple is an important religious landmark in Kishanganj District. This temple exists since more than a century now. 

Historic Khagra Mela: Khagara is an important landmark in Kishanganj. It was used as administrative headquarters of Kishanganj during Nawab’s rule before colonial British period. Historic annual Khagara Mela is organized here that remains a major attraction for almost two months every year while the festival continues with too much fun fare.

Ruins of Churli Estate: Located on the outskirts of border block of Kishanganj called Thakurganj, ruins of erstwhile Churli Estate is an attraction of sorts. Currently in dilapidated condition, this erstwhile Haveli is a famous landmark and major tourist attraction in this region.

kachuudah Lake, Kishanganj

Kachuudah Lake: Nature’s gift to citizens of Kishanganj District, beautiful Kachuudah Lake is located at a distance of 40 kilometers form the district headquarters, Kishanganj city. It is worth visiting as it welcomes good number of migratory birds and so is it temporary home of many birds. Bird lovers can explore this lake to the best extent. Recently the Tourism Department, Government of Bihar, sanctioned money for the beautification and development of the area around the lake for promoting local tourism.

Nehru Shanti Park: Kishanganj city houses famous Nehru Shanti Park where good collection of flowers keeps it apart. Huge Buddha statue in its center is worth noticing.

Some more places worth visiting include Kishanganj Church, small temples and a Gurudwara amongst others which showcase region’s religious harmony.

Where to Shop

Local markets in Kishanganj city and the cities of Thakurganj and Bahadurganj offer excellent means to buy variety of products from clothes to handicraft items for gifts and or groceries et al.

There are many shops selling variety of handicraft items. Narendra Stationery Stores at Neemchand Road, Kishanganj; Anand Cloth Stores & Grocery Stores at Bazaar Chowk, Kishanganj; Bata Shoe Store at Saudagar Patti, Kishanganj and PGI Retail Stores at Dharamshaala Road, Kishanganj are some of the best choices to shop variety of items during visits.

Kishanganj Tea Estate

Best Time to Visit

Due to humid climatic condition it is always better to explore the city during spring and early winter seasons. May is a month when this region observes maximum temperature of 41°C while minimum temperature goes down to less than 1 °C in January month. Almost 80% of total rainfall in Kishanganj is observed during monsoons. Average annual rainfall is 2250mm. October to April is assumed perfect time for visit to the city for fun and exploration.

How to Reach?

District headquarters of Kishanganj District, Kishanganj city is well connected through road, railways and airways networks.


National Highway 31 crosses through the city to link northeastern states as well as West Bengal with the Kishanganj city and rest parts of Bihar. Several other roads have been built to connect this area with the nearby cities.


Kishanganj Railway Station is a famous railway station in this region operated by Northeast Frontier Railway Division where trains for all major destinations in the country halt.


Bagdogra International Airport in the adjacent Darjeeling District of West Bengal is located at a distance of 90 kilometers from Kishanganj. This airport connects the area with major domestic and a few international destinations like Guwahati, New Delhi, Kolkata and Bhutan among others.


Kishanganj city facilitates visitors city buses, auto and cycle-rickshaw services for traveling.

Other Information

District Magistrate & Collector
Kishanganj District
Phone No:- (06456) 222530(O), (R) 222246
E-mail:- [email protected]

Tourist Information Center in Kishanganj
Md Sirajul Hassan
District Informatic Associate
Kishanganj District
Phone No:- (06456) 222958
E-mail:- [email protected]