शाहजंगी दरगाह, भागलपुर (Shahjangi Hilltop Dargah) – Bhagalpur

The tomb of Pir Shahjangi, recorded in authentic books like Francis Buchanan’s Gazetteer and M Francis’ Eastern India, is a valuable heritage not only for Bhagalpur but also for the people of East Bihar.

Shahjangi, a Sufi saint preacher, was a Risaldar in Afghanistan in the 13th century. Later he was initiated into the Sufi Silsila and established his Khanqah in Bhagalpur. The tomb has been built by bringing stones from the Kaaba.

The Idgah, the tomb of Pir Shahjangi, the pond, the field of Karbala, all this is spread over one hundred bighas. The mosque with 11 domes is nowhere else in India.

The name of the Shahbazia family and the financial assistance received from the neighboring zamindar were mentioned on the stone taken out during the cleaning of Shahjangi Talab by British Collector Edward Latur, which is also in poor condition due to lack of maintenance.

This is situated in west-south from 2 Km. of Bhagalpur Railway Station. This is the place of Ibadat. The Pahlam of Muharram is taken at this place.

It is situated on Shahjangi Hill, besides Shahjangi Road. Another side of it is Shahjangi Pond. A wonderful Tazia is decorated here during Moharram festival.