बूढ़ानाथ महादेव मंदिर, भागलपुर (Burhanath Mahadev Temple) – Bhagalpur

Burhanath Mandir is situated on the banks of the Uttarvahini Ganga in Jogsar Mohallah, Adampur, Bhagalpur. spread over three acres. Being one of the oldest temple in the region it witnesses influx of devotees throughout the year. 

It is adorned by statues dating back to 1937. According to the Shiva Purana, Baba Bal Vridheshwarnath or Budhanath is one of the 108 Nath in India. Also, this name has been stated in the first segment of the eighth segments of  Shiva Purana . The lingam of this place of worship is self-incarnated nevertheless as to when it come into being is still unknown. It is said that Lord Rama's guru, Vashishtha Muni prayed here. Idol of Ma Bhavani can be seen beside the Shivalinga. As per legend the idol of Ma Bhavani is actually that of Ma Chandi of Munger, that travelled from Munger through the Ganga river and banked near the Budhanath temple. One day the goddess came in the dreams of a man there on the premises. He found and placed her on the campus…

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